Warehousing: 2,500 piping products

Piping and equipment warehousing

Our extensive stockholding capability distinguishes us from our competitors and demonstrates our leadership in the market. We operate our own warehouse facility in Hooge Zwaluwe stocking a diverse range of 2,500 piping products. The warehouse is closely located to the main European import and export harbours in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Antwerp, Belgium. From there, we are able to ship orders to customers throughout the world. Also, being in the heart of Europe, roadways can be facilitated to reach end customers all over the continent with short lead times. This attribute makes us a unique player in market, as we can address clients requirements immediately.

Piping Warehouse exceeds 30,000 m²

With a stockroom capacity exceeding 30 thousand sqm, we have the ability to store over 20 thousand tons of:

  • Seamless pipes
  • Flanges to ASTM A 105 N, A 350 LF2
  • Fittings to ASTM A 234 WPB, A 420 WPL 6

In addition to the basic supply of pipes and all other essential piping, several custom-tailored services and subsequent works are carried out directly in the warehouse, such as cutting, testing, and marking. If requested, FPS takes care of all certificate handling and necessary customs clearance for the shipments.

On one hand the long term relationship with our costumers rely on the consistent:

  • High level of product availability
  • Logistic expertise to transport goods just-in-time
  • Introduction of new software and hardware solutions
  • Optimizing stock levels to maintain low prices

On the other hand, maintaining a high service level and keeping a flexible supply chain at the same time, comes only with our personnel's constant training in new logistics trends, our obligation in introducing new software systems and our commitment to our customers.