Coating - TK™ Coating

Coating of pipes, pipe fittings, valves and manifolds

In cooperation with leading coating specialists, we offer internal and external coating for pipes as well as for our prefabricated pipe fittings, valves and manifolds. This includes various FBE, PP, PE, PU and two-component systems.

TK™ coating for corrosion prevention for sour gas applications

We would like to highlight the TK™ epoxy internal coating system which - in conjunction with THRU-KOTE™UB sleeves - guarantees continuous internal coating with a much longer service life in aggressive environments and at a fraction of the cost compared to the use of high-alloy pipes and pipe fittings.

In cooperation with our long-standing partner TUBOSCOPE®, we reliably provide the unique TK™ coating solution for various operators of sour gas applications. Several systems have already lasted over 25 years and are still in good condition. Our customers mainly include Kuwait Oil Company / joint operations, etc.

The extremely smooth surface of the TK™ coating not only ensures corrosion prevention in high H2S environments, it also provides the following:

Protection against encrustationA smooth surface means that particles in the conveying medium do not have an opportunity to settle and accumulate on the inner wall of the pipe
Protection against abrasionTK™ internal coating is resistant to abrasion from particles in the conveying medium
Improved flowThe smooth surface of the pipe wall reduces turbulence in the flow, leading to improved hydraulic properties and increased production
Improved purityNo contamination as a result of corroded metal
Electrical insulationTK™ coating does not conduct electricity and therefore acts as an insulator