We have been supplying well screens for sand filtration in oil, gas and water wells for almost 30 years

Our well screens comply with our customers’ specifications, meeting on-site well construction requirements. We also adapt screens for industrial purposes. These include filtration in the food and drink industry, the pulp and paper industry, in water purification and the treatment of liquids, as well as in petrochemical processes and refineries.

The well screens have been developed for maximum mechanical strength and chemical resistance, at the same time providing maximum available surface area.

The state-of-the-art wire design, packaging and welding process used at our ISO-certified manufacturing centres ensure that the continuous aperture opening is of constant size over the entire length of the screen, making for a blockage-free filter surface.

Please contact us about our full range of screen designs, applications and proof of deliveries.

Please find more detailed information in our pipe schedule