Titanium pipes and tubes

Ferrostaal is a leading supplier of high-quality titanium pipes worldwide. We provide titanium pipes and necessary equipment of all kinds at a competitive price. With the close alliance to our chosen manufacturers we are able to deliver titanium pipes of highest quality in all relevant grades (e.g. grade 2 or grade 5 titanium) in accordance with international and industry standards (e.g. ASTM B861). We provide a high availability of either seamless or welded pipes on a global scale. Through our extensive storage capacities with the central storage being located between Rotterdam and Antwerp and our global network of titanium pipe suppliers we assure a fast and convenient delivery of multiple titan pipe grades and dimensions.


Titanium pipe sizes and dimensions

Nominal pipe sizes (NPS) and diameters show differences in the amount of gas or other flammable liquid that can be transported and in the pressure the pipe can withstand. The outside diameter (OD) of the titan tubes starts at 1/8" and offers all kinds of diameters up to a titanium tube of 80". A broad spectrum of grades is as well for sale at Ferrostaal. Most important in the determination of wall thickness is the maximum operating pressure (MAOP). Those factors are also a part of the federal regulations and industry standards that Ferrostaal complies with.

Titanium pipe grade 2

Titanium pipe can be delivered with a broad range of different grades, most of which are already for sale at Ferrostaal. One of the most common grades is grade 2: As one of the four commercially pure (CP) titanium grades, grade 2 fits well for applications that require excellent corrosion resistance like tubing. It is provided by a protective oxide film that is created in the presence of oxygen. While the corrosion resistance is alike between the CP titanium grades they differ in their mechanical properties. All four CP grades can be operated at continues temperatures of up to 800°F (427°C). At peak times, grade 2 titanium can sustain 1000°F (537°C) for a limited period of time. CP grade 2 titanium offers excellent weldability which makes it a good choice for tubing.

Titanium pipe grade 5

Grade 5 is the most common titanium alloy because it is a very practicable combination of strength, corrosion resistance, weldability and fabricability. As one of the main advantages grade 5 titanium pipes are notably stronger than commercially pure (CP) titanium of grade 1-4 without an alloy whilst maintaining the same stiffness. Its thermal conductivity is approximately 60% lower than the standard CP titanium but other thermal properties remain the same.  Titanium of grade 5 should be used at temperatures as far as 750°F (400°C).


Advantages and disadvantages of titanium pipes

In general titanium pipe prices are more expensive than other materials at first, but titanium pipes do become very cost efficient through their long operating life and low maintenance costs. They can save a lot of weight due to combining low density with very high tightness and extreme mechanical resilience. In fact titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element. Especially titanium with an alloy often offers very high strength while CP titanium is recognized for its corrosion resistant. A Titanium pipe fits best in scenarios where strong, lightweight or highly corrosion-resisting material is necessary, for example the chemical and petrochemical industry where titanium pipes are used for tubing primarily because of their corrosion resistance.