Nickel alloy pipe and tube

Ferrostaal Piping Supply offers its client high quality nickel alloy pipes and tubes at a competitive price. Being a part of the Ferrostaal Group, Ferrostaal Piping Supply is able to access a global network of logistics, finance and know-how. The Ferrostaal Group combines over 50 years of experience in steel trading with companies in 40 countries around the world and acts as a one stop industrial service company. As one of Ferrostaal´s business units we can use this existing system to deliver tailored nickel pipe solutions to our clients around the world. Through a close alliance with chosen manufacturers we are able to provide nickel alloy pipes in all relevant compositions and dimensions in accordance with international standards.


Specifications of nickel alloys

Compositions of metals that contain at least 50% nickel are called nickel alloys. Nickel can be alloyed with multiple other elements like manganese, chromium, copper, molybdenum or iron. The most commonly used stainless steel for example contains 8% of nickel. Nickel alloys are among the most popular contemporary alloys and are especially used for their high resistance to heat, corrosion, pressure and warping. They are utilized almost everywhere with an industrial focus on engines, generators and the chemical or petrochemical industry.

Common nickel alloys

Nickel 200 is commercially pure (CP) nickel that has a high corrosion resistance and is most commonly used for exposure to alkalies and anhydrous hydrofluoric acids.

Nickel-copper alloys like the well-known Monel® 400 consisting of at least 63% nickel are used especially for chemical processing in corrosive environments like process piping.

The Inconel® 600 nickel superalloy is nickel-chromium-based and well suited for service in environments where it is subjected to high pressure and heat. It can be operated at higher temperatures than aluminum and steel and develops a stable passivating oxide layer on the surface for heat-protection. Furthermore it is corrosion-resistant.

The nickel-molybdenum superalloy “Hastelloy®” was developed to resist even higher corrosion damages by hot acids. Electropolishing or passivation can further increase Hastelloy´s® corrosion-resistance.

Tailored nickel alloy pipe supply by Ferrostaal

Ferrostaal is able to provide nickel alloy pipes and tubes of all sizes and compositions. Some sizes and compositions that are standardized (e.g. by ASTM, AMS and BS) are already in stock in our storages around the world. While the company´s headquarter is located in Essen, Germany, the central storage is situated between Rotterdam and Antwerp. No matter if seamless or welded pipe: Ferrostaal offers fully individual solutions for the individual requirements of its clients. The standardized sizes of the Ferrostaal nickel alloy pipes can be seen in our product chart.


Nickel alloy pipes and tubes in the petrochemical industry

While carbon steel pipes still need a chemical injected to stop corrosion, a corrosion-resistant steel and nickel alloy does not need any chemicals for protection. Therefore no chemicals have to be injected into the pipes and tubes and the risk of contaminating the ground water and natural environments can be minimized. The extreme heat-resistance of nickel pipes make them the perfect solution for hot or aggressive liquids in surroundings where other materials would corrode.

To get more detailed information about the Ferrostaal Piping Supply or our high quality nickel alloy pipe solutions please take a look in our pipe schedule.