Line pipes and line tubes (ERW, HFI, EFW, DSAW)

As a leading supplier of pipes and piping equipment on an international scale, Ferrostaal provides line pipes and line tubes of all grades and dimensions for the oil & gas industry. In alliance with certified pipe manufacturers, Ferrostaal delivers seamless (SMLS) and welded line pipes (ERW, HFI, EFW, DSAW). Our extensive storage capacities and our global network of selected suppliers ensure excellent availability on a competitive price level. We are not only able to supply line pipes directly from warehouses or mill sources, we also offer individual sizes and special coatings as needed.


Line pipe sizes, grades and dimensions

Nominal pipe sizes (NPS) and diameters differ on the transported amount of gas or other flammable liquid as well as the pressures it has to withstand. The outside diameter (OD) of line tubes ranges from 1/8" to 80" in accordance with API 5L and other international standards (DIN, ASTM/ASME, NFA, EN) and grades (A / B / X-42 / X-46 / X-52 / X-56 / X-60 / X-65 / X-70 / X-80). Industry standards and federal regulations also specify wall thickness that is determined by the maximum operating pressure (MAOP). Further detailed information is displayed in our line pipe product chart.



 To meet our customer’s demands for line pipes we also offer the following specifications:

  • Externally coated steel pipes (e.g. PP or PE, epoxy coating)
  • Internal/external coating of pipes (e.g. epoxy coating)
  • Line tubes for acidic and non-acidic applications in accordance with NACE
  • Thick-walled pipes
  • Structural pipes for offshore applications
  • Pre-fabricated line pipe assemblies or manifolds as per client drawings or sketches

Line pipes for the oil and gas industry

Ferrostaal Piping Supply delivers line pipe for onshore and offshore applications in the oil and gas industry used to convey natural gas, oil and other flammable fluids. Due to extreme conditions such as low and high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments in the transportation of flammable media, line tubes are made from carbon, alloy or stainless steel in accordance with API 5L, EN and ISO 9001 standards. International standards determine metallurgical specifications to guarantee safe, reliable and long lasting pipelines. Therefore important tests are performed on line pipe to ensure it meets all of the determined requirements of steel chemistry, strength, toughness, and dimensional characteristics. Steel pipes can be manufactured seamless and in different welded varieties ranging from Fusion Welded (EFW), Electric Resistance Welded (ERW), High Frequency Induction (HFI) to Double Submerged Arc Welded (DSAW).


Line Pipes: Carbon and low alloyed steels for Oil & Gas Pipelines

 EN - DIN    WNr   AISI/ Tradename   ASTM - UNS   Pipe
 L245NB/ L245MB
L245NE/ L245ME
 1.0457/ 1.0418   -   -   API5L X42   API5L X42 
 EN10208/ ISO3183   EN10208/ ISO3183 
 L290NB/ L290MB
L290NE/ L290ME
 1.0484/ 1.0429   -   -   API5L X46NE   API5L X46 
 EN10208/ ISO3183   EN10208/ ISO3183 
 L36NB/ L360MB
L360NE/ L360ME
 1.0582/ 1.0578   -   -   API5L X52   API5L X52 
 EN10208/ ISO3183   EN10208/ ISO3183 
 L450NB/ L450MB
L450NE/ L450ME
 1.8952/ 1.8975   -   -   API5L X65   API5L X65 
 EN10208/ ISO3183   EN10208/ ISO3183 

Please find more detailed information in our pipe schedule