Drill pipes and drill tubes (API 5D, API 7-1)

Ferrostaal Piping Supply is a leading supplier of pipes and piping equipment providing high quality drill pipes and tubes for the oil and gas industry. Closely cooperating with certified manufacturers worldwide Ferrostaal offers a huge inventory of standard and heavy weight drill pipe in various specifications constantly on stock. Due to our worldwide network and more than 60 years of business expertise we meet the drilling equipment demands of our gas & oil customers in full by delivering products when they need them and in a straight-forward manner. We are not only able to supply drill pipes for sale directly from warehouses or mill sources, we also offer individual sizes and special coatings as needed.


Drill pipe sizes and dimensions

In accordance with international standards we supply drill tubes with API 5D specification and heavy weight drill pipes (HWDP) with API Spec 7-1. API 5D specification contains three product levels: PSL-1, PSL-2 and PSL-3 for products in the oil and gas industry. PSL-1 specifies wall thickness, impact strength, and yield strength requirements specific to the material grade whereas PSL-2 / PSL-3 have additional mandatory requirements.

Drill pipe grades include standard American Petroleum Institute (API) grades E-75, X-95, G-105, & S-135 as well as proprietary grades describing different minimum yield strength and minimum tensile strength (psi). Grade E, referred to as "mild" steel, exhibits the lowest yield strength per unit area with a yield strength of less than 80,000 psi. It is able to withstand a greater percentage of stretch or "strain" prior to fracture than higher strength drill pipe grades. It is also more resistant to corrosion and cracking. Grade E is utilized in medium depth wells from 10,000 to 15,000 feet. Grades X-95, G-105, and S-135 are considered high strength grades. They exhibit increased yield strength which is required to service deeper wells.

Our products include connections in form of external upset ends (EUE), internal upset ends (IUE) and internal / external upset ends (IEUE).

Drill Pipes

 Type    Seamless and welded 
 Dimensions   2-3/8" - 6-5/8" 
 Connections   External upset ends (EUE); Internal upset ends (IUE); Internal / external upset ends (IEUE). 
 Grade of material   E, X, G and S. 

Drill pipe information

Drill pipes are used in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), the water well drilling industry and the oil & gas industry. Drill tubes are hollow, thick walled steel piping fitted with special threaded ends referred to as tool joints. They tie the rig surface equipment with the bit and the bottom hole assembly (BHA) to transfer drilling fluid and torque. The drilling process takes place under the toughest working conditions by generating high internal and external pressure, bending and vibration. In order to ensure high quality and safety standards drill pipe is manufactured in compliance with standard specifications such as those issued by the American Petroleum Institute (API). 

Standard or conventional drill pipes are long tubular sections of pipe building up the majority of the drill string.

Heavyweight drill pipe (HWDP) is piping that adds intermediate weight or acts as a transitional piece in the drill string between the drill collars and drilling tubular. The HWDP functions by providing a flexible transition between the drill collars and the drill pipe. This helps to reduce the number of fatigue failures seen directly above the BHA.

Please find more detailed information in our pipe schedule.