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Ferrostaal is a leading supplier of high quality industrial piping solutions for multiple usage scenarios and industries. With over 50 years of experience and companies in 40 countries around the world we have a virtually complete range of industrial pipes for sale as well as industrial tubes and accessories. Our strong international reputation for proven quality and a high amount of successful projects makes Ferrostaal Piping Supply your reliable and experienced partner if you want to buy industrial pipes on an international scale. Partnerships with manufacturers and the huge central storage between Rotterdam and Antwerp enable us to deliver our high quality pipe supply at a competitive price ahead of other pipe manufacturers. With our headquarters being located in Essen, Germany, we provide state of the art products with experienced and professional project management “made in Germany”.

Individual industrial pipe solutions

No matter if your company is in the oil, gas, petrochemical, power, sugar or heating industry or in one of the hundreds of other sectors that Ferrostaal has successfully established industrial pipe solutions in: We have the exactly right industrial pipes for your demands. Both standard dimensions and grades as well as custom-made solutions for your specific necessities are available at Ferrostaal Piping Supply. Of course every industrial pipe is tested very rigorous and fulfills the requirements of international industry standards like ASTM, API, DIN and others.

Industrial pipe product portfolio

The Ferrostaal industrial pipe portfolio includes the following products along with many more (e.g. nickel alloy or titanium pipes):

  • Seamless Pipes that can be used for transport of high pressure gas or fluid for example in the petrochemical industry. They are very resistant and non-corroding than other pipes. The seamless industrial pipes are available in sizes up to 24” in both high and low-temerature models and with yield strength up to 1.000ksi
  • Welded pipes are most commonly used in pipeline construction and for larger dimensions in the process plants. Ferrostaal offers a broad selections of welded pipes according to international standards like ASTM and API
  • Mechanical Structural pipes find application in construction and steel structural tasks. We store a wide dimensional range in material grades from TS460 to TS890.
  • Seamless and welded line pipes is often used in the oil and gas industry. They are made of carbon, alloy or stainless steel in accordance with API, EN and ISO standards and therefore can resist high temperatures, a lot of pressure and a corrosive environment. The outside diameter of any industrial line pipe varies between 1/8” and 80”.
  • Industrial pipes for casing and tubing are offered in dimensions from 4-1/2” – 20” (casing) and 1.050” - 5-1/2” (tubing) in multiple grades.
  • Drill pipes are used in Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) within the water well drilling industry and the oil & gas industry. Drill pipes have very thick walls and special threaded ends (tool joints) which enables them to drill under the toughest working conditions with pressure, bending and vibration. Of course, heavyweight drill pipes (HWDP) are also available.
  • Boiler pipes get used in multiple industries because of their resistance to heat and pressure. Like with every other industrial pipe as well, Ferrostaal offers boiler pipes in compliance with all relevant industry standards.
  • Industrial Pipes of stainless steel are chosen in all kinds of industries from the manufacturing sector to the sugar industry, chemical plants, railways and the oil and gas industry. They are most valued for their great corrosion-resistance and good machinability. The dimensions are ranging from 6mm up to 600mm OD and material packages that contain pipe fittings like bends, T-pieces, reducers and flanges are also available at Ferrostaal.

Please find more detailed information in our pipe schedule.

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